About Us

Adefiz Nigeria Limited !




We are Adefiz Nigeria Limited.

In August 2013, ADEFIZ Nigeria limited. (RC NO: 134691) made a fresh start as the real estate asset management company in Nigeria only as independent financial group specialized in Real estate. Since then, playing a critical role in the group’s business model, we have earned the trust of both domestic and foreign investors, achieving steady growth in the real estate asset management business.

With financial and investment activities growing increasingly global and borderless, developments in the global market now have a strong impact on Nigeria real estate market.

Further, in Nigeria, while there is hope for a positive economic impact from the infrastructure construction and increase in foreign visitors ahead of the Vision 2020, the rapidly aging population, the swelling public debt and other long-term issues inherent to Nigeria remain; in our view, all these various factors intertwine to complicate, and bring changes to the real estate investment market in Nigeria.

Service you deserve. People you trust.

We will endeavor to adapt rapidly and flexibly to developments in the global markets and real estate investment markets as we provide comprehensive real estate asset management services that meet our clients’ needs.

It is also our intention to give unstinting effort to maintain a robust governance system that places the highest importance on compliance, so that we can earn the trust not only of our investors, but of the real estate investment market overall. We ask for your continued support.

Our Vision

To be the leading realtor in the real estate industry in the local market & across the Globe.

Our Mission

Provision of Quality House and Land at a very affordable rate of our clients.

Our Value

Accurate, Diligent, Excellent Value, Fastidious in our properties, Improvement in our service.